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July 2015
The Spirit of the Game Initiative is strongly endorsed through a Message of Support by the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Sport for Development and Peace, Mr. Wilfried Lemke.

July 2015
Gordon Taylor, Chief Executive of the PFA (Professional Footballers Association), has written to say:
"We would be happy to support, advertise and endorse the film"

May 2014
An article by Geoff Francis (and featuring illustrations created by Tony White and associates for the 2D animated film of Spirit of the Game) is featured in the International Times

Summer Holidays 2013
A successful 10 day 'Spirit of the Game' Summer School was held at a leading free school in Birmingham

May 2013
'If I was still teaching I would have my classes read this [Spirit of the Game] there is so much great stuff you could do with it !!
John Hammond

April 2013
The new teaser for the movie is here!

January 2013
Geoff Francis in an interview on Future Radio about Spirit of the Game.

January 2013
The independent England football website England Supporters has included Spirit of the Game with a sponsored link on their website.

Our link allows people to click through to the websites for the Spirit of the Game film, the books about Sir Stan Matthews, the Booked! Campaign and the Spirit of the Game / HET educational resource.  

January 2013
An image from the forthcoming animated film 'Spirit of the Game', based on the book of the same name by Geoff Francis.

Spirit of the Game movie header

December 2012
"Racial and discriminatory opinions are unfortunately difficult to eradicate once they have developed to a certain point within an individual’s mind. This places an enormous responsibility on the shoulders of the FA to succeed, which can only be done by ensuring that children from a young age are taught the value of diversity and equality."  Peter Herbert OBE, National Chair  Society of Black Lawyers

November 2012  

  • The HET/Spirit of the Game educational scheme is now live. The accreditation pack contains resources for families and teachers, plus accreditation by ASDAN and a chance for course work to be linked to the forthcoming movie of the book. And it is easily available online.  Read the latest update here.
  • BAFTA winning director Tony White starts production on a feature length traditionally animated version of the book in February 2013. Be the first to get involved - and you could be portrayed in the film as a caricature. More details here.
  • The Booked! initiative is now open. Your donations will help get free copies of the book Spirit of the Game to schools.

Earlier in 2012....

  • a theatre company working in the educational sector would like to take a stage musical version of Spirit of the Game to schools and community groups
  • a pilot educational scheme is now in place both in the UK and Dubai with some of the most hard to reach young people for whom the main protagonist in the novel, Jamie Steele's, experience is a day-to-day reality
  • probably the world's leading exponent of 2D animation would like to collaborate on a film-length cartoon of Spirit of the Game

If, like me, racism just never occurred to you as a child, it is with horror and disappointment that you grow up and discover the truth.  To learn, then, of those who have made it their mission to wipe out and cut through ignorance, is inspiring and empowering, and to be able to access these stories, with wonderfully crafted books such as Geoff Francis’ ‘Spirit of the Game’, is a joy and a gift.  

Carol Royle
, Actor

"I am always looking out for powerful interactive tools to deliver an important message to our young people today - a generation in crisis! I have
been working with Geoff Francis for many years to this end. His brilliant book 'Spirit of the Game' has been an invaluable medium for working with
some of the most disengaged, dysfunctional and hard to reach young people in the country. The underlying themes of racism, prejudice, football as a
philosophy, alongside kindness to animals and therapeutic approaches have been a catalyst of transformation for many young lives. Thank you Geoff from
us all!.... The theme of the book encompasses the main 7 Olympic values which they all have to abide by. Friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration courage and equality."

Linda Porter B.A.Cert.Ed. MIPTI, BFRP, MACTA, Dip.Phy. FMHET
Founder of award winning HET (
Holistic Educational Therapy) programme and internationally respected Educational Consultant for Alternative Educational

Good luck with this...It's a great mission Geoff! It sounds like a greatly inspirational concept that could work very well in animation if treated right. Animation would be a great way of crossing geographical and cultural borders.
With animated wishes...
 Tony :^{)}=-

Tony White,  British Academy Award-winning animation director, animator, author, educator and consultant.  Tony White Animation

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